All want to become top

Every small and medium business owner has difficulties to promote their business online


What you will get?

Do you know some companies became successful only promoting their business true internet?

As Sri Lanka’s top rated web development company, we know you don’t have time to learn and work for promoting your business online, but you won’t cover your business promoting on online too and get more customers through online marketing. That is why we are introducing ourselves. Some are on this page telling you how we are promoting your business online. But some of our online marketing mechanisms are top secret.

How to find an expert person or a company to give your work?​​

Don’t give your money and valuable time to someone who is not much experienced. But if you invest money in one locally located well known Web Design and Development Company, can you engage with them as you want without paying money from time to time?

We were well trained to make your business profitable

We apply only one marketing approach for one business only. All businesses are different, business goals are different also, so it will be harmful to your business, money and to your effort if you don’t select a right person or a company for your job.

Before making a footstep to do online marketing we do a survey. After the online marketing campaigns, you have more customers who will gain profits for your business. Consider our working capabilities and please make a call to reach out to you immediately.

Mobile and Tablet PC screen-friendly websites

All our websites are traffic and sales-boosting while keeping mobile and tablet screen responsiveness.
We always believe your valuable customers will visit your website with all the devices.

Get more ideal leads with smart marketing online

The goal for any business today is to be in front of people right when they’re searching for what it is you sell.

The process of getting in front of your audience when they’re searching online.
However, it is not so straight-forward. It’s called search engine optimization (SEO) but be aware, old school SEO tactics are dead.

What worked a year ago no longer works today.

Together, we’ll develop a strong digital footprint for your brand and send all the right signals to Google that you’re the real deal… so you show up when and where you should in search engines.

But we won’t just help drive traffic. We’ll ensure that the pages we send them to are optimized to convert them into customers.


“Traffic is good but customers are better”

Instant customers with just one click

You’ve probably heard the term ‘PPC advertising’ thrown around before (which stands for Pay-Per-Click), but have you experienced what it can do for your business yet. You may have experienced Adwords text or display Ads or even Social Advertising on the likes of Facebook. A solid Pay-Per-Click campaign done well can turn your business’ marketing on its head almost instantly.

We believe every business should have an online advertising strategy. But there is a difference between setting up any old PPC campaign and one that works in conjunction with all your other marketing efforts. The keys are Strategy, Planning, Review, Refinement, Optimization, Monitoring that we provide with every campaign to ensure we continuously drive targeted customers to your online business to achieve a specific goal.

Using Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook’s advertising platforms. We can ensure we deliver the right message to your intended audience, at the right time. And if you ever feel like you’re being chased around the web after visiting a website, you are. It’s called ‘retargeting’. We do that too but in a non-creepy way.

Increase your exposure to social media marketing

The importance of social media as part of your online marketing strategy can’t be overstated. More than half of Australia’s population is on Facebook so if your business isn’t part of the conversation, you’re leaving profits on the table for your competitors to swoop in and take.

To create an organic marketing plan that works hard to achieve your goals, it’s important that your search engine optimization, online advertising and social media efforts all fit into the one strategy.

We can help you harness social media to become an authority in your industry, engage with your audience, promote your content and grow your market share.

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Web Design that captures and converts more visitors into customers


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